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127. Breaking Free from the 'Shoulds' of Your Business with Pop Artist Amy Mucha

127. Breaking Free from the 'Shoulds' of Your Business with Pop Artist Amy Mucha

In this episode of the Mompreneur Guide podcast, Amy from Daisy Pops shares her journey from being a high school math teacher to starting a successful cake pop business while juggling motherhood.

She talks about the growth of her business, how she integrates her children into it, and the kind of mindset it takes to maintain your own brand.

We delve into important topics like growing consistently without burning out, delegating tasks so you can stay doing what you do best, and, of course, the mompreneur experience.

Amy also provides an inside look at her cake pop creation process, her innovative use of 3D printers in the business, and her plans for the holiday season.

Hearing how Amy builds her business around her unique skillset, leaving the 'shoulds' behind, was my favorite topic of all.

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