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A community of mindful mompreneurs exploring slow living, feminine business, unschooling and living a familypreneurship lifestyle.

Hi, I'm Megan!

I am a mom, an entrepreneur, a Substack Creator and a Creative Studio co-founder with my amazing husband, Collin. Our kids, Jack and Sophia, are at the current time of this writing, 5 and 3.5. And we live in the sweetest town outside of Cleveland, Ohio- called Chagrin Falls. If you are a Gilmore Girls obsessed woman like me (I'm on the 15th time around watching it) we live in the real-life Stars Hollow. 😍 Complete with a rubber duck race down our river and waterfall and a popcorn ball-drop for our NYE celebration! (It’s a magical place✨)

We just love the way we're living life. And really, that's the impetus for what we’re doing here.

What you can expect from “tuning in” 😉 to this Substack… I couldn’t help myself

In community, we are going to explore slow living (which I’m on a journey towards,) really thinking about mindful momprenuership (aka: Are we showing up intentionally? Are we supporting ourselves, our family and our schedule in the way we want to?) And in doing so, that also leds itself to this concept of feminine business/feminine marketing.

I'm just so taken with it. It's the same concept of slow living just in this marketing lens. I recently came across this article, from a fellow feminine marketing mentor where she mentions how the core of this topic is about discoverability vs. visibility. And I think that's a major point that we'll end up hitting on this platform too, simply because of the work that we do.

It's all about: how do we show up as our authentic selves? Create deep connection, not only with ourselves, our message, our family, but the people that are around us, like our ideal clients and our community. And, how do we do that in a way that attracts the people to us- that's more in the feminine, less in the masculine. That allows us to slowly live and be and feel alive, in a way that feels good to us.

Lastly, we will also be sharing our journey into familypreneurship, as we bring Collin full-time into the business and unschool our kids.

I’ve found that as I tune into myself, share my experiences with others, and listen to others share their experiences too- it helps us all unlock a deeper way to tune into ourselves.

Mom life and entrepreneurship life, they go hand in hand. Each of these aspects influence one another- so we're really excited to share in community.

Most often, you can expect to hear me hop on the mic and share my ahas from the day that fall into these categories of slow living, mindful mompreneurship and feminine marketing strategies and prompt you to do the same. Obviously there's a beautiful play on words with: “Tuning In,” as podcast studio owners, podcast producers, and a podcast host myself- so we’ll be hitting on those topics too.

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A community of mindful mompreneurs exploring slow living, feminine business, unschooling and living a familypreneurship lifestyle.


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