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I couldn't hear it before...

I couldn't hear it before...

A Voxer message I sent to my husband that I wanted to share with you

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This thought just came to me, and I wanted to share it because I think it could be really helpful.

The concept being: I couldn't hear it before, but now I can.

Last night when we were talking about how I see myself creating in a different way- one where I can just create without an agenda.

It reminded me of when you suggested that to me, when the podcast started. You were coming at it from a different angle, without all the conditioning I had on me of: Well, if I’m going to podcast, then it has to look this way and I have to do X, Y, Z, because that's what “produces results and the money.” And my #1 goal then was to replace your income through my work.

Obviously I’ve had a lot more experience since then that I wouldn’t trade and that allows me to show up differently without putting these pressures on myself today.

But also, I feel like I can hear that message differently than I could then. (And part of my perfectionist self is like, gosh, what would have happened if I would have just been able to listen then?)

But anyways, the point is that: I can hear that option now and am ready to step into it.

To just create what I want to create and not worry about the ROI. I keep hearing you say that you think this is an inflection point because I'm showing up differently and I'm showing up fully in myself and creating what I want to create and what feels really good to me and the conversations I want to have- creating more prolifically.

I'm just less encumbered by anything else. I'm letting it flow and being like a channel in that way. It’s so funny, I feel like things are just opening up even as I say this. It's like, I just don't care anymore- that sounds bad when you say it like that- but truthfully it feels so open and freeing that I'm just letting stuff pour out of me.

I don't know, maybe I'm letting go of some of the perfectionism because of my conviction (which is interesting because I talked about conviction this time last year with the studio and moving forward on it) and I feel good about sharing what I have to share.

It reminded me of the days when I was trying Telegram, thinking: how can I find the quickest and easiest way to share the aha's in my head?

And so finding more ways to do that through this platform too makes me curious. I just got onto notes and I shared some of these tidbits I’m naming here. Just immediately, I snapped a picture of walking with Henry and put my thoughts there. And I was thinking, gosh, wouldn't it be cool if there was a way that I could, record and create just like this, as soon as I have the drop in, just like I would do on telegram before.

To create dropped in forms of content (and maybe notes will end up being that for me) feels so good and I'm enjoying seeing this in myself of just trying. Just finding ways to get it out share, share, share. Talking and sharing was always the original intent of this work.

So it's interesting now that I'm allowing myself to do that and not being so concerned with what that looks like from the linear business standpoint.

Instead feeling like I don't have to make it be this or that or what everybody else is doing, the shoulds or making it be educational because it has to, “linearly lead to a way for people to pay me.”

The fact that now, with Substack, I can just talk and share and go as deep as I want, and people who want to have that conversation can join in on that. And I could get paid in that way- even though I’m not creating for that- it’s just a beautiful byproduct of doing what I love to do.

I couldn't hear that before, but I can now. And I feel this same principle applies with that slow living post which is where this inkling came from of: I've heard slow down a lot in my life, and I wasn't able to internalize it. But I guess now I am able to accept it.

I think it's interesting that there are times in our lives where we have to hear a message again and again. And sometimes it takes multiple times until we're finally ready to listen. I couldn't hear it, but now I'm ready to listen. I'm ready to accept it.

It's just been interesting thinking about that phrase: I couldn't hear it before.

Is there a lesson you couldn’t hear before but are hearing loud and clear now?

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