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How I'm Growing My Business Without Social

A 30 day recap of getting off Instagram and going all-in on Substack

Doing Business without Social is a monthly series for paid members. Below you’ll see a preview of this article. If you want to join our community of mindful mompreneurs exploring slow living and feminine business, catch up on my past updates and get access to my other exclusive resources, consider becoming a member for just $10/month.

I'm recording from our home studio today because I'm about to get on the couch and watch either Palm Royale or Collin and I have been watching Whitney Port and her husband Timmy's YouTube channel- very much looking forward to getting my mocktail and getting on the couch

Before I do, I went through my stats last night to share with you how we've been growing our business without social. (I'm putting without within air quotes. I'll explain that in a minute.)

I started this series last month for our paid subscribers to document our process and what’s working in growing our business and am really enjoying it.

I went over the previous 30 days since we went all in on Substack and [kind of] left Instagram and compared to the stats from 60 days prior- the results shocked me (and helped me fully detox and break up with Instagram.)

So now I wanted to hop in and share the past 30 days:

  • What we've seen

  • What’s been working

  • What we've been doing different.

    • (We have a new technique that's been working really well, bringing leads in for us, with less effort.)

So here I am sharing the realness of what it looks like to grow your business without relying on social- the feminine marketing way.

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