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Social Media is Shifting... here's how slow living plays into it

Part 1

I’ve been having a lot of talks about why we’re creating content and doing certain things in our businesses lately.

  • Whether it’s my own internal conversation

  • Or with clients and friends

I think a lot of us are coming to question- what content is, why we’re doing it… or at least craving answers to- does it have to be this hard?

My mindset around creating content

It's okay to slow down and take time on that piece (and less pieces.)

This new wave of YouTubers that I've uncovered in my research as I’ve started creating videos like these. It was really cool to see that that slowing down mindset shift- that's what they're all about too.

They will make these mini films and they will spend 30 hours just coloring the video.

Which, you know, as a mom and an entrepreneur- it's so amazing and helps me slow down. And also then I have a slightly different lens, right? Of figuring out, okay, there's that. And if I try to spend 30 hours, that's like three weeks of my time. And then considering will I lose my momentum on that project if I get too deep (aka I let my perfectionism take over?)

The fact though, that this next wave of YouTubers is focusing on quality over quantity and not rushing and not creating for the algorithm. Feels really cool to know that this shift is coming. That there's this change.

The Death of the Follower

And to go hand in hand with that, this guy, Jack, who started Patreon, and has a YouTube channel where he analyzes the different ways that creators are creating.

He did a talk at South by Southwest, about the death of the follower.

And really this shift that's coming with this new wave of YouTubers, with all of us feeling this desire to slow down and being okay with re-conditioning ourselves, making these new pathways, finding what works for us, not what works for the algorithm and everything else.

It was so interesting to hear what he's thinking about and how true fans and creating what feels good to you and then connecting you with the people who want that and are willing to pay you for that- it feels like this new wave of creation is coming through.

How Slow Living and the Shift in Social Media Relate

It feels like in my process of slowing down, and maybe in your process of slowing down too, we're starting to find this next shift, this next iteration of not only what feels good to us, but what can connect us in our business and allow us to all grow.

And I think the heart of that comes with:

  • the intentionality

  • the why behind anything we’re doing

  • and the what in the world we're doing.

To make that shift, we have to have that strong self trust, that faith, that belief in ourselves. And I think that often comes with clarity. And so maybe this will provide you with a little clarity and help you too.

More to come in a part 2 on making slow content.

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