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Why I'm all-in on podcasting as a mompreneur

Why I'm all-in on podcasting as a mompreneur

And how I'm using this platform differently after 2.5 years behind the mic

How it started…

When I started my podcast 2.5 years ago, the focus was all on: “I've got something I want to share” and my favorite way to share is by talking. (if you know me you can attest to my chatty ways 🤣)

At that point I had just left my styling business of 10 years behind, was coming back from maternity leave with 2 under 2, and stood at this precipice- unsure exactly how I wanted to support people in my newest business. So I figured, I'm going to use podcasting as a way to meet new people, have more conversations, build an audience and let them tell me what they want more of.

How it’s going…

Podcasting has given me all of that and more. I mean, it's the whole reason we have a studio now. It's the reason we support clients with launching and producing podcasts and why we encourage them to (if you have something to say) get behind the mic and share it.

My original why has certainly served me up until now but I’ve noticed a shift in myself lately. I've really been reworking what “podcasting” means to me these days— and Substack has certainly helped shift that definition too.

My “why” for podcasting now is twofold:

It’s not only become a way for me to better connect with my thoughts, message and community but it also has become my most potent business tool that makes spreading that message a whole heck of a lot easier.

I've always been a person who can verbally explain better than I can write. I'm a good enough writer, but for me, it's just so much more labor intensive. What I can spend 15 minutes verbally explaining would take me at least two hours to write. (Thank you soooo much perfectionism 🤣)

So to me, podcasting is not just another platform that can “get more eyes on what we do,” but instead it’s an action, a tool I use to share what I have to say in a very authentic and conversational way. And then with ease, I literally transcribe that audio and translate it into the other places I want to show up (i.e. Substack, Blog, Pinterest, Instagram- if I’m feeling it.)

It's been invaluable + a gentler way of running my business.

How can our people “hear” what we have to say in a supportive + authentic way

THIS combo has become my answer. I have an idea, I get behind the mic and share it {literally pretending I’m leaving a Voxer to my friend Bianca👆🏻} I copy the transcript into my preferred platform (Substack,) and polish it up for there and the other platforms I’ll send it to- keeping the conversation but editing it so it's more blog-like and reads easier. And 👈🏻 that piece right there is where the magic happens. 🪄

Because when people show up in that moment, if they want to listen— they can listen. And if they want to read— they can read.

We all know as moms, there are times when we just can't pop our headphones in— but we could look at our phone and read a little bit or vice versa. I think that's a missing gap in the podcasting space right now. You show up and only give people a little: description, an overview, a teaser— because you want them to listen for the downloads. But there's a disconnect there, right? Our end goal isn’t downloads- it’s to get the information out there to our people.

And it’s not just in the podcasting space- we see the flip side in the blogging space too, right? I might have 20 tabs opened or bookmarks on bookmarks of articles I want to read- but because I don’t have the choice to listen while I do the dishes, I miss a chance to connect with the creator’s work altogether.

It feels like there’s silo between audio + writing right now. As a consumer, you’re typically either a listener or a reader. As a creative you’re either a podcaster or a blogger.

What if we didn’t have to choose? What if it’s actually easier and more supportive to be both?

That’s where my new reframe has become so helpful for me (+ our clients.) It's allowed me to do both in a way that works for me and my audience….. and as a mom— saves me a TON of time.

The Reframe

I want to give the caveat of: if you are a person who is a writer first, then take what I'm saying and flip it on its head. Be a writer first and then think about speaking your writing so it can be more accessible to your people.

If you're like me and are a speaker first and could chat all day then I would recommend you think about this the next time that you're creating content.


  • You’re already writing (blogs, IG captions, emails, Substack articles)- Tune in and see if speaking your work so your audience has an audio option feels aligned?

  • Or maybe you've been on the traditional podcasting route and can now step back and think: Have I fully supported my listeners in that exact moment when they go to consume my content? Have I shown up as the real me on these recordings— as if I’m Voxering a friend? (vs. talking with my ‘newscaster’ voice as Collin tells me I often do 🤣🤦‍♀️)

  • And maybe you're standing here and you've done neither… but you've recently gotten that intuitive nudge that now is the time to take podcasting off that bucket list where write a book lives? And maybe this resonates with you and sounds interesting?

My Encouragement

My encouragement for you is: podcasting doesn’t have to be a whole thing. Instead, think of it as the one thing you're doing really well that does everything else for you.

Podcasting has transformed the way we've marketed our business. It has allowed me to save so much time. I feel more connected with my message because of it. And in creating this deeper content it has allowed me to do less while running a more slow, feminine business.

Before I redefined podcasting for myself, I was questioning: “Why am I even creating content? Why am I showing up and why am I doing this?” Because I felt like I was on a content hamster wheel with this: I gotta show up because if I don't then [insert some scarcity mindset here] mentality, fire hosing my audience with constant information and draining myself in the process.

Since uncovering my new why and this new connection that podcasting is art for me, I’ve found creating content to be life giving. It's been so supportive and exciting because I've been feeling that from you guys, too.


So I'm curious if this gives you a new perspective shift? I'd love if you could comment and let me know:

  • If you're already podcasting, does this feel like a cool new way to do things?

  • If you're a writer, does this give you some new insight on a different way you can continue sharing your writing? That more people can engage with?

  • Or if you're standing there, on that precipice like I was, thinking: Is this for me? Is now the time to start a podcast? I would encourage you to really tune in with yourself and think: How do I feel about the way I am sharing my expertise, my message, and the things on my heart? Does it feel good? Or could it feel easier? And maybe that means playing with this idea and seeing if this could feel really good and easier to you.

Wherever you are in this, I would love to hear from you.

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