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What is Human Design?

Can it really help my life and business?

A couple months back I had a conversation with my friend Dre about Cleveland, entrepreneurship and the 9 lives she’s had as a business owner. Our conversation naturally flowed into Human Design, which really sparked an interest in me.

I had looked into it before (and knew some of the basics like my energy type is manifesting generator) but I got a little lost in it.

Dre explained what a difference knowing not only her profile has made but knowing her son and husband’s too. It’s helped them work together as a more cohesive unit and intrigued me from how it can help from a business perspective also.

So I'm really excited that we could bring an explanation of this tool to you today.

Don't know your profile? Find out here

Dre: It's been such a fun journey learning more about Human Design and actually using it in my life.

I always tell people when I'm reading their charts:

Don't listen to me. Go out and actually live it and see if life starts flowing easier for you. A lot of times it gives people permission to do what they “shouldn't” be doing or have been doing even though it didn’t seem like the “right thing” for their industry or their person. People always say: “Wow, it gave me a lot of permission to move forward.”

Permission to move forward

Megan: Yeah, I think that's the cool thing, right? Not that we need the validation, because we don't want to rely on it, but when I really dove into my chart, I felt like, I could hand this to somebody and say, here you go. Here's who I am. It's crazy how accurate it is for me.

Dre: Yes. And I think a lot of times people will say, well, how's it different than astrology or how's it different than some of these other philosophies or systems that people subscribe to.

And the cool thing about Human Design is that it's a combination of a bunch of different systems. It's the:

  • Chinese I Ching (which is around 5,000 years old.)

  • Kabbalah Chakra System

    • So when someone's looking at a chart, it looks very similar to how the chakras are laid out. We can talk a little bit about what all the centers are too.

  • Natal birth chart in astrology

And I also have a theory that it's tied to Enneagram in a way. (That's not something that was ever written about or anything like that, but I can just see how some of the gates and channels for certain people would correlate to their Enneagram number as well.)

So I really feel like it is a comprehensive system that's not just about personality or not just about the way you work, but really your whole energetic makeup.

Megan: It’s multiple modalities mixed into one- so comprehensive not just one size fits all in a sense.

Dre: I think too, when people look at a chart, it's incredibly overwhelming. You don't know what you're seeing. And I think a lot of times, you may have been in this camp too Megan, where you look at it and you're like, this is too much. I don't know how to read it. And so you opt out.

So what we can do today is give you a couple of key pieces to look at in your chart so that, if you did nothing else, if you didn't go any further into your chart, those pieces would get you started and I think you would see results.

Learn more about Human Design with Dre

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