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Are You Fangirling Over Your Work?

My new (maverick) approach to business and life

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This probably sounds weird, but I've been using the word fangirl a lot in regards to everything in my life and in business. I found myself talking about myself today in a way (which admittedly sounds weird to say out loud) but fangirling over the content that I'm putting out.

As the words spilled out of my mouth while Voxering Bianca and Collin, I explained that I went to my Substack feed and I scrolled.

And while I think, in some cases, the formulas that are out there would tell me to write things differently or to create different content. I'm feeling myself more and more as like a channel- just trying to get in flow and get the stuff out that's running through me.

So when I look at my feed, I'm beyond excited by it. Like if it was not me and I came across this collection of conversations, I would be pumped to meet this person.

As I think about it more, I thought it might be something worth sharing for you to tune in and see:

Is the work you're doing now and are the things you're putting out there something that you would fangirl over? Something you're SO excited to have created?

I've been joking (but also more and more serious) that I feel like the maverick in me is coming out and I'm just creating, cause it's what I want and what feels good to me. (And of course, I think it would be helpful for others too- I'm not just self serving.)

But at the end of the day, this is what I feel really called to. I am fangirling and obsessed over having these types of conversations.

And so I wonder if maybe you're feeling some stickiness or anything in your business right now, you can pause and think: Am I fangirling over this? Am I fangirling over the content that I'm putting out? Am I fangirling over the people that I'm working with?

It's been a filter that has been extremely helpful for me. And so I thought maybe it's something you could tune in to for yourself and see if it works for you too.


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